About My Work

Handmade In Greece By Sophia Kontopoulos.

My art is born from various mediums applied to the canvas which allow me to create the needed effects to bring more personality to the work. I paint, using various techniques and/or distressing methods, employing a combination of different materials such as acrylics, opaque metallic paints, gold or silver leaves, Swarovski crystals, etc.; most importantly I use original sand and plane leaves from Kos, the homeland of Hippocrates himself.

The fonts used are custom made and so are the various images, including those of Hippocrates, the Rod of Aesclepius (caduceus) symbols and borders. All my artwork is signed with my initials, SK and comes with a certificate of authenticity and is varnished to help protect and preserve it.

The Hippocratic Oath frames are gold, silver or copper toned.
The canvas measures 21.5 x 30 cm with a depth of 2 cm or 8.5 x 11.8 inches, with a depth of 0.8 inches.
The frame measurements are: 25 x 33.5 cm or 9.75 by 13.25 inches with a depth of 3 cm or 1.25 inches.

I continue to employ different techniques on new Oath paintings in different languages and color schemes. If you would like me to create one specifically for you, with your choice of technique, colors, language, personalized with your title, name, medical school, date, etc., please contact me.